Open Studio Guidelines

Welcome to Pottery Gagliano Open Studio.

Open studio sessions are available to those that already have experience working with clay and are interested in working on their own projects. Each participant will be expected to manage the progress of their work although advice will be available if required.


  1.  What’s included in the price?

– Standard white earthenware clay and a selection of glazes, slips and underglaze colours.

– Access to the studio’s wheels, tools, moulds, spray booth, and other facilities.

– Short term storage for works in progress

– Bisque and glaze firing

– Short term storage for completed projects

– an on-hand experienced potter


Please note that these sessions are not meant for production runs.  If you are interested in making larger quantities please email/speak with us separately about your project.  A different rate structure will apply after we determine how we might accommodate your plans.


  1.  Opening Hours

Open studio is generally available on Wednesday from 11am-8pm and on Thursday from 11am-6pm. Please check online or in person during school holidays when this could vary.

– Please pre-book your sessions using the online calendar on the website. Multiple hours over more than one day can be booked with one payment.

–  Same day bookings are not available online, so if planning to attend please pre-book by midnight of the day before.

– You are welcome to drop-in, without booking and stay as long as there is room in the studio.


  1. Payment

–  Open Studio costs £6.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour. As long as there is space, you are welcome to stay longer than the time that you have booked. Any additional time can be paid for in 15 minute increments in person in the studio.

–  The booking calendar redirects you to the secure Paypal payment site after you have chosen your session days and times.

–  You may also pre-book sessions in person in the studio (cash or bank transfer only at present.)

– All fired work, (whether you like the work or not!) needs to paid for on completion at a cost of £5 per kilo.



  1. Refund Policy

–  When booking Open Studio time please be aware that you are making a definite reservation for a definite time slot and payments are non-transferable and non refundable.


  1. General Studio Guidelines

–  Open Studio participants must be at least 18 years of age.

–  When accessing Pottery Gagliano you will walk through or past the active workshops of other artists at Rodhus Studios.  Please be aware of the activity around you and proceed cautiously through these areas. Stick to the marked pathway and please do not disturb the people working there who could be working with dangerous machinery.

–  Open Studio participants will be given a brief introduction to the studio and asked to read and agree to these guidelines.

–  Please sign in on arrival and out when you leave and pay any money owing.

–  Please observe the shelf signage in the studio and be sure to label and store your work in the relevant place. Please ask if you need any help.

–  Plan to include enough cleanup time at the end of your session to leave your workspace and any tools or equipment you have used in at least as clean a condition as you found it.

–  We will fire the kilns regularly when there is a full bisque or glaze load to keep things moving. Kilns will not be fired to suit individual needs so please allow plenty of time so as not to be disappointed. This is especially relevant in the Festival if you are showing in Open Houses!

–  Please focus on seeing projects through to completion to avoid shelf space management issues.  Please take your finished pieces home as soon as they are completed and paid for.

–  Always ask for assistance at any point during open studio if something needs to be moved, stored, or glazed, or for any other reason.  There will always be someone on site to assist.

– Please be aware and respectful of the work and workspace of others around you and keep noise levels down to maintain the focused atmosphere.